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Sawaya Flowers

Flowers Meaning


Acacia: Friendship; Secret Love; Concealed love; Chaste Love; Beauty in retirement.
Acacia (pink): Grace.
Acacia (rose or white): Elegance; Friendship.
Acacia (yellow): Secret love.
Acanthus: Artifice; Fine arts.
Achillea: War.
Aconite: Luster; Misanthropy.
Adder’s tongue: Jealousy.
Adonis: Sad memories.
Agrimony: Gratitude.
Allspice: Compassion.
Almond (common): Imprudence; Indiscretion; Perfidy.
Almond (flowering): Concealed love; Hope.
Aloe: Grief; Misplaced devotion; Religious superstition.
Althaea or Alcea: I am deeply in love; Consumed by love.
Alyssum (sweet): Excellence beyond beauty; Exemplary modesty.
Amaranth: Foppery; Immortality; Pretension; Piety; Unchangeable.
Amaranth (Coxcomb): Affectation; Pretension.
Amaranth (Globe): Constant; Unchangeable.
Amaryllis: Splendid Beauty; Beautiful but timid; Timid; Proud.
Ambrosia: Love returned; Your love is reciprocated.
Anemone: Estrangement; Expectation; Forsaken; Loneliness; Fading hope; Symbol of Love; .
Angelica: Inspiration; Magic.
Anthriscus (Chervil): Sincerity.
Apocynum (common Dogbane): Falsehood; Figment; I doubt you .
Apple Blossoms: Partiality; Preference; Hope; Temptation.
Arborvitae: I never change; Live for me; Unchanging friendship.
Arborvitae (American): Immortality.
Arbutus: Thee Only Do I Love .
Artemisia (Wormwood): Absence.
Asclepias: Sorrowful remembrance.
Ash: Prudence; Dignity; With me you are safe.
Aspen: Excess of sensibility; Fear.
Asphodel: Memorial sorrow; My regrets follow you to the grave.
Aster: Variety; Diversity .
Aster (China): Afterthoughts; Love of variety; Caprice.
Aster (single): I Will Think About It.
Astilbe: Love at first sight.
Auricula: Painting; Wealth is not always happiness.
Auricula (scarlet): Pride; You are proud.
Azalea: Moderation; Forbearance; Temperance; your blush has won me.

Baby's Breath: Innocence; Constancy .
Bachelor Button’s: Celibacy; Hope in love.
Balm: I long for your society; Social intercourse; Sympathy.
Balsam: Impatience; pray come .
Barberry: Sharpness of temper.
Basil: Hatred; Animosity.
Bay Leaf: I change but in dying.
Bayberry: Discipline; instruction.
Beech: Affluence .
Begonia: Beware; Warning; Dark thoughts; Deformity.
Belladonna: Silence.
Bellflower: Constancy; Gratitude; I wish to speak to you.
Bells of Ireland: Good Luck.
Bellwort: Hopelessness.
Betony: Surprise.
Bilberry: Treachery.
Birch: Meekness .
Bittersweet: Truth; Platonic love.
Black Locust: Platonic love.
Blackthorn: Difficulty.
Bluebells: Fidelity; Loyalty; Humility; Constancy; Sorrowful; Regret.
Bluebottle: Delicacy.
Bluets: Contentment.
Borago (Borage): Bluntness; Talent.
Box: I believe in your constancy.
Bramble: Holiness; Remorse.
Broom: Humility; Neatness.
Bryony: Prosperity.
Bulrush: Docility .
Burdock: Importunity.
Buttercup: Riches; You are rich; Childishness; Ingratitude .
Butterfly Weed: Let me go; Cure for heartache.

Cactus: Grandeur; Warmth; Affection .
Calla Lily: Beauty .
Calycanthus: Benevolence.
Camellia: My destiny is in your hands; Gratitude; Admiration; Perfection; Good Luck; Gift to a Man.
Camellia (red): Unpretending excellence; Innate warmth; Alas my poor heart; Beauty .
Camellia (white): Perfected loveliness; Without blemish; Worth .
Camellia Japonica: Surpassing excellence.
Campanula: Thankfulness.
Candytuft: Indifference.
Canterbury Bells: Gratitude; Acknowledgment; Obligation.
Cardamom: Paternal error.
Cardinal Flower: Distinction.
Carnation: Pride; Beauty; Fascination; Admiration; My heart aches for you; Pure and deep love.
Carnation (deep red): Alas, for my poor heart.
Carnation (pink): Encouragement; Woman's love; Unforgettable.
Carnation (red): Ardor, Admiration .
Carnation (striped): Rejection.
Carnation (white): Devotion; Pure and Ardent Love; Sweet; Lovely .
Carnation (yellow): Disdain; Rejection; Disappointment; Contempt; Rue.
Catalpa: Beware of the coquette.
Catchfly: Pretended love; Snare; Unchanging friendship.
Catchfly (red): I fall into a trap laid for me.
Cattleya: Matronly grace; Mature charms.
Cedar: Strength; I live but for thee; Think of me.
Celandine: Joys to come.
Centaurea: Delicacy.
Cereus (creeping): Modest genius.
Cereus (night blooming): Transient beauty.
Chamomile: Fortitude; Energy in adversity.
Cherry Blossom: Spiritual beauty; Good Education.
Chestnut Blossom: Do me justice.
Chestnut: Affluence.
Chickweed: Give an account of yourself; Rendezvous; Assignation .
Chicory: Frugality.
Christmas Rose: Relieve My Anxiety.
Chrysanthemum: You're a Wonderful Friend; With Love; Cheerfulness; Cheerfulness In Old Age; Optimism; A desolate heart.
Chrysanthemum (Chinese): Loveliness and cheerfulness.
Chrysanthemum (rose or red): I love you; too.
Chrysanthemum (white): Trust; Truth.
Chrysanthemum (yellow): Dejection; Slighted love.
Cineraria: Always delighted.
Cinquefoil: Maternal affection.
Cistus: Popular favor.
Citron: Natural beauty.
Clematis: Intelligence; Mental beauty; I Love Your Mind .
Clematis (evergreen): Poverty.
Clianthus: Self seeking; Worldliness.
Clotbur: Rudeness.
Clover (four leaf): Be mine.
Clover (red): Diligence; Industry; Not only gay, But good.
Clover (white): Think of me.
Cloves: Dignity; Nobility.
Cobaea: Gossip.
Coltsfoot: Justice shall be done.
Columbine: Folly; Inconstancy; Foolishness .
Columbine (purple): Resolved to win.
Columbine (red): Worried; Trembling.
Convolvulus: Uncertainty; Quandary.
Convolvulus (Major): Despondency; Extinguished hopes.
Convolvulus (Minor): Night.
Convolvulus (pink): Worth sustained by affection.
Corchorus: Return quickly.
Coreopsis: Always cheerful.
Coriander: Hidden worth; Never judge solely on appearances.
Corn Blossom: Riches.
Corn cockle: Peerless and proud.
Cornel (dogwood): Success crowned you.
Cornflower: Delicacy; Refinement.
Cowslip: Comeliness; Winning grace; You are my divinity; You Are Wonderful .
Coxcomb: Foppery.
Crabapple Blossom: Irritability.
Cranberry: Cure for heartache; Hardness .
Cress: Power; Stability; Abuse Not .
Crocus: Cheerfulness; Gladness; Mirth; Abuse not.
Crocus (spring): Youthful joy & exuberance .
Crocus Saffron: Joviality .
Crowfoot: Ingratitude.
Crown Imperial: Arrogance; Majesty; Pride of birth.
Cuckoo Flower: Ardor.
Cudweed: Unceasing remembrance.
Currant: Your frown will destroy me.
Cuscuta: Meanness.
Cyclamen: Diffidence; Modesty .
Cypress: Despair; Mourning; Without hope; Deceitful; Vanity; Regard; Unrequited love.

Daffodil: You're the only one; The sun is always shining when I'm with you Esteem; Regard; .
Daffodil (yellow): Gallantry.
Dahlia: Dignity; Elegance; Capriciousness; I will sustain it; Instability; Rebuff; Forever yours.
Dahlia (yellow): Distaste.
Daisy: Innocence; Youthful beauty; Cheerfulness; Loyal Love; I will think about it.
Daisy (colored): Beauty.
Daisy (garden): Share your sentiments.
Daisy (Gerbera): Thought of absent friends.
Daisy (Michaelmas): Farewell.
Daisy (white, wild): I will think of it.
Dandelion: Prophet; Coquetry; Love's oracle; I accuse you of.
Daphne: Fame; Glory; Sweets To The Sweet .
Darnel: Vice.
Datura: Deceitful charms.
Dead Leaves: Sadness.
Delphinium: Airy .
Dew plant: Serenade.
Diosma: Your simple elegance charms me.
Dittany of Crete (white): Passion.
Dock: Patience; Endurance .
Dodder of Thyme (Cuscuta): Baseness.
Dog Rose: Pleasure And Pain.
Dogbane: Falsehood.
Dogwood: Forgetfulness; Love undiminished by; Constancy .

Eglantine: Genius; I wound to heal; Poetry; Talent.
Elder: Compassion; Zealousness.
Elm: Majesty.
Endive: Frugality.
Eschscholzia: Do not refuse me.
Eupatorium: Delay.
Evergreen: Indigence .
Everlasting: Always remembered.
Eyebright: Cheer up.

Fennel: Strength; Courage; Worthy of praise; Hardness .
Fern: Fascination; Magic; Sincerity; Allure.
Fern (Maidenhair): Secret bond of love; Discretion .
Fig: Argument; I keep my secret.
Filbert: Reconciliation.
Fir: Time.
Flax: Domestic industry; Fate; I feel your kindness.
Fleur de lis: Message.
Flower of an Hour: Delicate beauty.
Forget me not: Do not forget me; Constancy; True Love forever; Memories; Remembrance.
Four o’clocks: Timidity.
Foxglove: Insincerity; Hypocrisy; You are false; Stateliness; Youth.
Foxtail Grass: Sporting.
Fuchsia: Taste; Frugality; Confiding love.
Fuchsia (red): Taste.
Fumitory: Spleen.
Furze (gorse): Anger; Love for all occasions.

Gardenia: You're lovely; Secret love; Refinement; Purity .
Gentian: You Are Unfair .
Gentian (closed): Sweet be thy dreams.
Gentian (fringed): I look to heaven.
Geranium: I prefer you; Courtliness; Gentility; Peaceful mind; Elegance; Stupidity; Folly.
Geranium (dark): Melancholy.
Geranium (fish): Disappointed expectation.
Geranium (horseshoe): Stupidity.
Geranium (ivy): Favor.
Geranium (lemon): Unexpected meeting.
Geranium (nutmeg): Expected meeting.
Geranium (oak): True friendship.
Geranium (penciled): Ingenuity;.
Geranium (rose): Preference.
Geranium (scarlet): Comforting; Consolation.
Geranium (silver leafed): Recall.
Geranium (wild): Steadfast piety.
Gilly Flower: Bonds of affection; Lasting beauty; Thou art fair.
Gladiolus: Ready Armed; Strength Of Character; Love at First Sight .
Gloxinia: Love at first sight.
Goldenrod: Encouragement; you will succeed; Be cautious; Support .
Gooseberry: Anticipation; Expectancy .
Gorse: Ire .
Grape (wild): Charity; Mirth.
Grass: Usefulness; Submission .

Handflower: Warning.
Harebell: Grief; Submission.
Harlequin: Laugh at trouble.
Hawkweed: Quick sighted.
Hawthorn: Hope; Expectation.
Hazel: Reconciliation; Heart is agitated; Reunion .
Heartsease (Johnny Jump Up): Love in idleness; Modesty; Pleasant thoughts; Think of me; You occupy my thoughts.
Heath: Solitude.
Heather: Wishes Will Come True; Admiration; Loneliness .
Helenium: Tears.
Heliotrope: Devotion; Attachment; Eagerness; Intoxicated with joy; Let us pray for each other.
Hellebore: Calumny (slander, malicious representation); You have listened; ; Scandal.
Hemlock: You will cause my death.
Hemp: Fate.
Hibiscus: Delicate beauty.
Holly: Good wishes; Defense; Domestic Happiness; Foresight; Am I forgotten?; Far sightedness.
Hollyhock: Ambition; Fecundity; I seek glory; Fruitfulness; Aspiration.
Honesty: Honesty; Fascination.
Honey flower: Love sweet and secret.
Honeysuckle: Fraternal affection; Bonds of love; A wedding will follow shortly; Dost thou love me?; Sweet Disposition.
Honeysuckle (coral): Fidelity; Generous and devoted love; Sweetness of disposition.
Honeysuckle (wild): Inconstancy.
Hop: Injustice.
Hornbeam: Ornament.
Horse chestnut: Luxury.
Houseleek: Domestic industry; Vivacity.
Houstonia: Content ever with thee.
Hyacinth: Sport; Dedication; Constancy; Playful .
Hyacinth (purple): Jealousy; Sorrow; I am sad; Grief .
Hyacinth (white): Beauty; Unobtrusive loveliness.
Hyacinth (yellow): Jealousy.
Hydrangea: Boaster; Braggart; Heartlessness; You are cold.
Hyssop: Cleanliness.

Ice plant: Old beau; Rejected; Your looks freeze me.
Iris: Faith; Valor; A Message For you; Fleur de lis; Your friendship means so much to me; Faith; Hope; Wisdom; Valor; My compliments; Eloquence; Missive .
Iris (German bearded): Ardor.
Iris (German): Aflame; I burn adversity.
Iris (yellow): Sorrow; Passion.
Ivy: Fidelity; Loyalty; Friendship; Wedded love; Affection; Marriage; Fealty; Conjugal affection.

Jacob's ladder: Come down.
Jasmine: Grace; Elegance Amiability.
Jasmine (cape): I am too happy.
Jasmine (Carolina): Separation.
Jasmine (Indian): Attraction; I attach myself to you.
Jasmine (night blooming): Love's vigil.
Jasmine (Spanish): Sensuality.
Jasmine (white): I desire a return of my affection.
Jasmine (yellow): Grace and elegance.
Jonquil: Desire; Love me; Can you return my love?; I desire a return of your affection.
Judas tree: Betrayal; Unbelief.
June Lilies (white): Purity and sweetness.
Juniper: Safekeeping.

Kingcup (Marsh Marigold): Riches.

Laburnum: Forsaken; Pensive beauty.
Lady's Slipper: Capricious beauty; Win me and wear me; Fickleness .
Lady's Smock: Ardor.
Lady's Thimble: Grief; Submission.
Lady's Tresses: Bewitching grace.
Lantana: I am unyielding.
Lapageria: There is no unalloyed good.
Larch: Audacity; Boldness..
Larkspur: Ardent attachment; Levity.
Larkspur (pink): Fickleness; Flippancy .
Larkspur (purple): Haughtiness.
Laurel: Perfidy; Treachery; Ambition; I will win; Splendor .
Laurel (ground): Perseverance; Token.
Laurel (mountain): Ambition; Aspiration.
Laurestine: I die if neglected.
Laurus (Bay): Constant; Unchanging.
Laurustinus: A token; pray remember.
Lavender: Acknowledgment; Suspicion; Distrust; Failure; Refusal; I like you only as a friend.
Lemon: Discretion.
Lemon Blossoms: Zeal .
Lettuce (Iceberg): Cold heartedness .
Lichen: Dejection; Refusal; Solitude.
Lilac: Fastidiousness; Do You Still Love Me?.
Lilac (purple): First love; First emotions of love.
Lilac (white): Youthful innocence.
Lily: Coquetry; Pride; Purity; Innocence .
Lily (calla): Maiden modesty; Magnificent beauty.
Lily (day): Coquetry.
Lily (frog): Disgust.
Lily (tiger): I dare you to love me.
Lily (water): Purity of heart.
Lily (white): Purity; Modesty; Beauty; Sweetness.
Lily (yellow): Coquetry; Falsehood; Flirtation; Gaiety .
Lily of the Valley: Perfect purity; Friendship; Sweetness; Return of Happiness; Humility; You've Made My Life Complete; Let's Make Up.
Linden: Conjugal love.
Lisianthus: Thoughts.
Live oak: Liberty.
Liverwort: Confidence.
Lobelia: Dislike; Rebuff; Arrogance; Malevolence.
Locust: Affection beyond the grave; Vicissitude.
London pride: Frivolity.
Lotus: Estranged love.
Love in a Mist: Perplexity.
Love Lies Bleeding: Hopeless but not heartless.
Lucerne: Life.
Lupine: Voraciousness.
Lupine (rose): Fanciful.
Lupine (white): Always happy.

Madder: Backbiting; Tranquillity.
Magnolia: Nobility; Benevolence; High souled; Love of nature; Magnificence.
Magnolia (swamp): Perseverance .
Maize: Riches.
Mallow: Mildness; Gentleness .
Manchineel: Falsehood.
Mandrake: I wound to soothe.
Maple: Reserve; Constraint; Retirement.
Marigold: Cruelty in love; Despair; Grief; Jealousy; Inquietude; I have cause; Sacred affection; Despondency.
Marjoram: Innocence; Blushes.
Marsh Mallow: Beneficence in consent.
Marvel of Peru: Timidity.
Mayflowers: You only do I love.
Meadow saffron: My best days are past.
Meadowsweet: Uselessness.
Melissa (Balm): Fun; Pleasantry; Sympathy.
Mesembryanthemum: Idleness.
Mezereon: Desire to please.
Mignonette: Your qualities surpass your charms; I live for thee.
Milford: War.
Milk vetch: Your presence softens my pain; Comfort.
Mimosa: Exquisite; Fastidious; Perception .
Mint: Strength; Virility; Warmth of feeling; Let us be friends again; Virtue; Purity .
Mistletoe: I surmount difficulties; I want to be kissed; You are a parasite.
Mock Orange: Recollection; Counterfeit.
Monarda: Your whims are unbearable.
Monkshood: Deadly foe is near; Beware; Danger Is Near; Chivalry; Gallantry.
Moonflower: I only dream of love.
Morning Glory: Affection; Departure; Insincerity .
Moschatel: Weakness.
Moss: Maternal Love; Charity; Patience; Pray wait; Ennui (boredom).
Moss Rose: Confession of Love.
Motherwort: Concealed love.
Mourning Bride: I have lost all; Unfortunate to attachments.
Mugwort: Happiness; Peace.
Mulberry (black): I shall not survive you; Sadness.
Mulberry (white): Wisdom.
Mullein: Take courage.
Musk: Vulnerability; Be bolder.
Mustard: I’m smart; I am hurt.
Myrtle: Love in absence; Hebrew Emblem of Marriage; Love positive.
Myrtle (wax): Discipline; Instruction.

Nandina: My love will grow warmer.
Narcissus: Egotism; Vanity; You love yourself too well; Formality; Stay as Sweet as You Are.
Nasturtium: Conquest; Victory in Battle; Patriotism; Affectation.
Nettle: Slander; Cruelty; You are spiteful.
Nightshade: Your thoughts are dark; Falsehood; Verity .
Nuts: Stupidity..

Oak: Hospitality.
Oak Leaf: Courage; I will endure.
Oats: The witching soul of music; I love your music.
Oleander: Caution; Heed.
Olive Branch: Peace .
Orange Blossom: Chastity; Innocence; Eternal Love; Marriage and Fruitfulness; Bridal festivities; Your Purity Equals Your Loveliness.
Orchid: Love; Beauty; Refinement; Reflections .
Orchid (wild): You are a belle; You flatter me.
Orchis (bee): Error; Industry.
Orchis (butterfly): Gaiety.
Orchis (fly): Error.
Oxeye: Be patient.

Palm: Victory; Conquest .
Pansy: Modesty; Pleasant thoughts; Think of me; Reflections; Thoughts.
Parsley: Useful knowledge; Festivity; Entertaining; Feasting; Gaiety.
Pasque flower: You have no claims.
Passion flower: Faith; Belief; Piety; Trust in God; Holy love; Religious fervor and superstition.
Pea (everlasting): Appoint a meeting; Lasting pleasure.
Peach Blossom: I am your captive.
Pear Blossom: Tenderness; Not altogether lovely .
Pear: Affection.
Pelargonium: Fervor.
Pennyroyal: You had better go.
Peony: Anger; Indignation; Bashfulness; Coyness; Contrition; Shame .
Pepper flower: Satirical thoughts.
Peppermint: Warm Feelings .
Periwinkle: Memory; Never forget; Pleasing remembrances.
Periwinkle (blue): Early friendship.
Periwinkle (white): Harmony; Pleasure of memory; Fond Reminiscences.
Persicaria: Restoration.
Persimmon Blossom: Bury me amid nature's beauties; I shall surprise you by and by.
Petunia: Your presence soothes me; I am furious!; Don't Lose Hope.
Pheasant's eye: I cannot forget you.
Phlox: Friendship; Unanimity; Assent.
Phlox (star shaped): Affability; Trying to please you; Agreements.
Pimpernel: Assignation; Change.
Pine: Pity; Compassion .
Pink: Boldness; Fragrance; Household love; I am at home.
Pink (China): My heart aches.
Pink (double red): Ardent love; Daring .
Pink (Indian): Always lovely.
Pink (mountain): Aspiration; Desiring .
Pink (variegated): Refusal; Rejection.
Pink (white): Fascination; Talent.
Plum Blossom: Keep your promises; Fidelity.
Plumbago: Holy wishes.
Polyanthus: Purse proud.
Pomegranate Blossom: Grace; Mature elegance; Perfection.
Poppy: Consolation; Forgetfulness; Pleasure; Wealth; Success.
Poppy (Oriental): Quiet.
Poppy (red): Consolation; Solace.
Poppy (scarlet): Fantastic extravagance; Profligacy.
Poppy (variegated): Flirtation;.
Poppy (Opium or white): My bane; My antidote; Forgetfulness; Sleep; Indecision.
Poppy (yellow): Wealth; Success..
Potentilla: I claim your esteem.
Pride of China: Dissension.
Primrose: Believe me; Youth and sadness; Childhood; Youth; Bashfulness; Inconstancy; Neglected merit.
Primrose (evening): Sweet memories; Inconstancy; Early youth.
Primrose (red): Neglected merit.
Prince's Feather: I blush for you.
Privet: Prohibition.
Pyxie: Life is sweet.

Quaking Grass: Agitation; Turbulence.
Quamoclit: Busybody.
Queen Anne’s Lace: Steadfast love.
Queen of the Meadow: Uselessness.
Quince Blossom: Temptation; Provocation.

Ragged robin: Ardor.
Ranunculus: Dazzled by your charms; Attractiveness; You Are Radiant With Charms.
Raspberry Blossom: Remorse; Penitence.
Reed: Submission.
Reed (split): Imprudence.
Rhododendron: Beware; I am dangerous.
Rocket: Rivalry; Conflict.
Rose: I Love You; Perfect Happiness; Always; Desire; Friendship; Unity; Warmth of heart; Love at first sight; Joy; Gladness; Please believe me; Passion.
Rose (Jacqueminot): I am true.
Rose (Austrian): You are all that is lovely.
Rose (bridal): Happy love.
Rose (burgundy): Unconscious beauty.
Rose (cabbage): Ambassador of love.
Rose (Carolina): Love is dangerous.
Rose (China): Beauty always new.
Rose (Damask): Beauty ever new; Young and brilliant; Freshness .
Rose (deep red): Admiration; Bashful; Embarrassment; Bashful shame .
Rose (faded): Beauty is fleeting.
Rose (full blown): Engagement.
Rose (full red): Beauty.
Rose (fully open placed over buds): Secrecy.
Rose (Grandiflora): High souled.
Rose (Guilder): Age; Winter.
Rose (half blown): Timid love.
Rose (Japan): Beauty is your only attraction; Illusion.
Rose (La France): Meet me by moonlight.
Rose (Marechal niel): Yours; Heart and soul.
Rose (Montiflora): Grace.
Rose (moss): Superior; Confessions of love.
Rose (mundi): Variety.
Rose (musk): Capricious beauty.
Rose (pink): Grace; Gentility; Gratitude Perfection, Happiness.
Rose (Provence or centifolia): My Heart Is In Flames.
Rose (red): Romantic love; Respect; Courage.
Rose (red and white together): Unity.
Rose (rock): Popular favor.
Rose (thorn less): Love at first sight; Ingratitude; Early Attachment .
Rose (white): I am worthy of your love; Silence; Innocent love, Innocence, Purity; Sincerity.
Rose (white, withered): I am in despair.
Rose (wild): Charming simplicity.
Rose (yellow): Decrease of Love; Jealousy; Unfaithfulness; Try to Care; Let us forget; Love is waning; Friendship.
Rose (York and Lancaster): Conflict.
Rosebud: Beauty; Youth; A heart innocent of Love.
Rosebud (red): Inclined to love; Pure and lovely.
Rosebud (white): Too young to love; Heart Ignorant Of Love; The heart that knows no love.
Rose leaf: You may hope.
Rosemary: Fidelity; Love; Remembrance; Your Presence Revives Me.
Rudbeckia: Impartiality.
Rue: Disdain; Go; never return; Beware of excess pleasures; Contempt.

Saffron: Voluptuousness; You are perfectly lovely; Marriage; Avoid surfeit (excess).
Sage: Domestic duties; Sage Cherish.
Sainfoin: You confuse me.
St. John's Wort: Hostility; Thinking Of You; Animosity .
Salvia (Sage): Esteem; Domestic virtue; Long life; Wisdom.
Salvia (blue): Wisdom.
Salvia (red): Untiring energy; Always Yours .
Satinflower: Fascination.
Saxifrage: Affection; Tenderness.
Scabiosa: Unfortunate love.
Scabiosa (sweet): Widowhood.
Sea bindweed: Uncertainty.
Sensitive plant: Fine sensibility.
Senvy: I'm smart.
Shamrock: Light heartedness; Loyalty; Cheerfulness.
Shepherd's Purse: I offer you my all.
Smilax: Loveliness; Constancy.
Snapdragon: Deception; Gracious Lady; Presumption; Refusal; Effrontery; No!.
Snowball: Bound thoughts of heaven.
Snowdrop: Consolation; Friendship in trouble; Faithful in adversity; Expectancy.
Sorrel (wild): Ill timed wit.
Sorrel (wood): Secret sweetness.
Southernwood: Bantering; Jest.
Spearmint: Warm Sentiments .
Speedwell: Womanly fidelity.
Spiderflower: Elope with me; Not so bad as I seem.
Spiderwort: I esteem but do not love you.
Star of Bethlehem: Atonement; Reconciliation.
Starwort: Afterthought.
Statice: Sympathy.
Stephanotis: Happiness in marriage; Desire to travel; Come to me.
Stock: Bond of Affection; Promptness; Lasting Beauty.
Stonecrop: Tranquillity.
Straw (broken): Broken Agreement.
Straw: Agreement..
Strawberry Blossoms: Far sightedness.
Sumac: I shall survive the change.
Sumac (dwarf): Adoration.
Sunflower (large): You are splendid; Arrogance.
Sunflower (short): Adoration.
Sweet Basil: Good wishes.
Sweet Pea: Lets meet; Good bye; Departure; Remember me; Blissful pleasure; Thank you for a lovely time; Tenderness; Delicate Pleasures.
Sweet William: Gallantry; Grant me one smile.
Sycamore: Genius .
Syringa: You shall be happy yet.

Tamarisk: Crime.
Tansy: Resistance; I Oppose You; Dislike; Refusal.
Teasel: Misanthropy.
Thistle: Independence; Austerity; Sternness.
Thistle (scotch): Retaliation.
Thorn apple: Delusive beauty.
Thrift: Sympathy.
Thyme: Courage; Activity; Grace; Elegance; Domestic virtues; Thriftiness; I am diligent; Liveliness.
Trefoil: Retribution.
Trillium: Modest ambition.
Trumpet Flower: Renown; Fame.
Tuberose: Dangerous pleasures.
Tulip: Beautiful eyes; Look on me; Declaration of Love; Perfect Lover; Fame; Perfection.
Tulip (red): Undying love; Declaration of love.
Tulip (variegated): Enchantment; Your eyes are beautiful.
Tulip (yellow): Hopeless love; Desperately In Love .
Tulip Tree Blossom: Rural happiness; Renown .
Turnip blossom: Charity.
Tussilago: You shall have justice.

Valerian: An accommodating disposition; You Are Considerate.
Venus's fly trap: Duplicity.
Venus's looking glass: Flattery.
Verbena: Enchantment; Pray for me; Tender and quick emotion.
Verbena (scarlet): Sensitivity .
Verbena (white): Honesty.
Veronica: Fidelity; Fealty.
Vervain: Enchantment; Superstition.
Violet: Modesty; Faithfulness; Demureness; Let's Take a Chance on Happiness; I dream of thee.
Violet (blue): Faithfulness; Love.
Violet (white): Candor; Modesty; Hope.
Virginia Creeper: I cling to you.
Virgin's Bower: Filial love.

Wake Robin: Ardor; Zeal.
Wallflower: Fidelity in misfortune or adversity; Fealty Through Ordeal.
Water Lily: Purity Of Heart .
Wax plant: Susceptibility.
Wheat: Prosperity; I wish thee; Riches.
Willow: Forsaken; Grieving.
Wisteria: Cordial welcome.
Witch hazel: Inspiration; Mysticism; A spell is upon me.
Wolfsbane: Misanthropy.
Wood Sorrel: Joy.
Woodbine: Fraternal love.
Wormwood: Absence.

Xanthium: Pertinacity; Rudeness; Impudence.

Yarrow: Cure for heartache; Strife; War.
Yew: Penitence; I am sorry; Grief.

Zephyranthes: Expectation.
Zinnia: I mourn your absence; Thinking of absent friends; Lasting affection; Goodness; Daily remembrance; Thinking Of You.