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Sawaya Flowers

Flowers Horoscope

If you know the flower that matches your star sign, then the gift you send becomes even more meaningful.

send pink carnations Bekaa Lebanon Capricorn:
22nd December - 19th January
Capricorn flower: pink carnation

send orchids to bekaa lebanon Aquarius:
20th January - 18th February
Aquarius flower: orchid

send violets to bekaa lebanon Pisces:
19th February - 20th March
Pisces flower: violet

send thistle to bekaa lebanon Aries:
21st March - 19th April
Aries flower: thistle

send fresia to bekaa lebanon Taurus:
20th - April - 20th May
Taurus flower: fresia

send roses to bekaa lebanon Gemini:
21st May - 21st June
Gemini flower: rose
send crysanthemum to bekaa lebanon Cancer:
22nd June - 22nd July
Cancer flower: crysanthemum

send sunflower to bekaa lebanon Leo:
23rd July - 22nd August
Leo flower: sunflower

send lily flowers to bekaa lebanon Virgo:
23rd August - 22nd September
Virgo flower: lily

send daisy flowers to bekaa lebanon Libra:
23rd September - 22nd October
Libra flower: daisy

send gerbera flowers to bekaa lebanon Scorpio:
23rd October - 21st November
Scorpio flower: gerbera

send pink tulip to bekaa lebanon Sagittarius:
22nd November - 21st December
Sagittarius flower: pink tulip